Drop-off Points

Can’t make it to a Technocare store?

No worries. We have hundreds of drop-off points around the UAE where you can take your device.

  • Over 300 major retail outlets to drop off your device.
  • Flexibility to drop off at the store your bought your device or at an independent location.
Find a Drop Off Point

Drop-off Point Store Locator

Abu Dhabi
Carrefour 02-6525999 Dalma Mall
Carrefour 02-4930928 Baniyas Mall
Carrefour 02-4494300 Al Saqar, Air Port Road
Carrefour 02-6817100 Defence Road
Al Yousuf Comuters Auh Etisalat 02-6335593 Air Port Road
Aptec Defence St 02-6426690 Defence Road
Axiom Care 02-6417144 Al Raha Mall
Better Life 02 5562894 Al Raha Mall
Costless Info Tech Auh 050-8247236 Abu Dhabi Mall
Costless Muruor Auh 02-6034126 Murour Road, AUH
E-City Al Wahada Mall-Auh 02-4437984 Al Wahada Mall
Emax Dalma Mall Auh 02-5575400 Dalma Mall
Emax Hamdan Street 055-5531584 Hamdan Street
Ecu - Emax Hamdan Street 055-5531584 Hamdan Street
Eros Al Wahda Mall Auh 02-4439229 Al Wahada Mall
Eros Musherif Mall Auh 02-4439229 Musherif Mall
Eros Tourist Club 02-6451831 Tourist Club Area
Etisalat Business Center-Main Branch -Auh 02-6426690 Air Port Road
Etisalat Business Center-Salam-Auh 050-5918863 Salam Street
Etisalat Businesscenter-Mafraq-Auh 02-6163511 Mafraq
Etisalat Service Center-Khalidiya-Auh 050-5918863 Khalidiya Street
Etisalat Manthaka Gargea-Liwa Road Auh 02-616356 Liwa Road, Abu Dhabi
Emax Electronics Hamdan Auh 02-6744937 Hamdan Street
Jumbo Electronics Hamdan Auh 02-6328688 Hamdan Street
Jumbo Marina Mall Abudhabi 02-6810116 Marina Mall
Km Trdg. Meena Grand W/H Auh 02-6734349 Meena Port
Km Trading Madinat Zayed 02-6328003 Madinat Zayed Shopping Center
Lulu Hyper Market, Auh, Al Wah 02-4437500 Al Wahada Mall
Lulu Hypermarket, Khlidiya Mall 02-6354100 Khalidiya Mall
Lulu Central Warehouse Mussafa 02-6734349 Mussafah
Lulu Baniyas Mall 055-2492308 Banyas Mall
Lulu Express Mazyad Mall Mus-A 02-5532233 Mussafah
Lulu Musherif Mall 02-6904411 Musherif Mall
Lulu Madinat Sayed Auh 02-4437564 Madinat Zayed Shopping Center
Plug Ins Marina Mall Abudhabi 02-6815509 Marina Mall
Sharaf Dg Auh Mall 02-6503570 Abu Dhabi Mall
Sharaf Dg Musherif Mall 02-4914889 Musherif Mall
Carrefour 06-7434111 City Centre
Etisalat 06-7486886 City Centre
Etisalat Business Center 06-7400003 Al Mushreef Area
Jacky's 06-7430094 City Centre
Lulu Hypermarket 06-7422200 Karama
Carrefour 03-7035128 Bawadi Mall
Carrefour 03-7623742 Jimmy Mall
Eros 055-8027388 MegaMart
Eros Showroom 03-7849544 Al Ain Mall
Etisalat 03-7663134 Al Ain Mall
Etisalat Business Center 03-7222137 Sanaya
Jacky's 03-7840747 Bawadi Mall
Lulu Hypermarket 03-7662200 Al Falah Plaza
Lulu Hypermarket 03-7041000 Al Foha Area
Lulu Hypermarket 050-8221134 Al Murabba Area
Lulu Hypermarket 03-7118600 Al Quaita
Lulu Hypermarket 050-5231604 Sanaya
Sharaf DG 050-9372472 Al Ain Mall
Carrefour Century Mall 04-2035555 Century Mall
Carrefour Deira City Centre 04-2035555 Deira City Centre
Carrefour Madina Mall 050-3259845 Madina Mall, Dubai
Carrefour Mall Of Emirates 04-4094755 Mall Of Emirates
Carrefour Mirdiff City Center 04-6069667 Mirdif City Centre
Carrefour Sindagha 04-3939395 Bur Dubai
Carrefour Web Store 04-3307959 Al Qouze
Aptec Lamcy Plaza 04-3357147 Lamcy Plaza
Better Life Deira Show Room 04-2680656 Deira
Better Life Moe 04-3414868 Mall Of Emirates
Betterlife Karama Office 04-3376804 Karama
Betterlife Mirdiff City Center 04-2845728 Mirdif City Centre
Betterlife Ras Al Khor 04-3330532 Ras Al Khore
Bin Hendi Warehouse Aweer 050-6782106 Ras Al Khore
Dubai Duty Free 04-2245004 Dubai Airport
E4u - Dubai Festival City 04-2329641 Dubai Festival City
E4u - Mirdif City Centre 04-2843296 Mirdif City Centre
E4u - Nsr Squre Road 04-2274142 Nasr Square Road
E-City Moe 04-3996946 Mall Of Emirates
E-City Wafi Mall 04-3996946 Wafi Mall
Ecu - Emax Mirdiff City Center 04-2843989 Mirdif City Centre
Ecu - Emax Oasis Center 04-5154445 Oasis Centre
Emax Kiosk City Max Mankhoul 04-3658250 Bur Dubai
Emax Mall Of Emirates Dubai 04-3996562 Mall Of Emirates
Emax Mirdiff City Center 04-2843989 Mirdif City Centre
Emax Oasis Center 04-5154444 Oasis Centre
Emax Reef Mall 04-2241181 Al Reef Mall, Dubai
Emax Sky Garden 04-3587002 Near Burjuman,Bur Dubai
Eros Arabin Centre 04-2845629 Arabian Centre
Eros Bur Dubai 04-3259222 Bur Dubai
Eros Deira City Centre 04-2958885 Deira City Centre
Eros Digital Dubai Festival City 04-2329889 Dubai Festival City
Eros Dubai Mall 04-3399504 Dubai Mall
Eros Karama Showroom 04-3350141 Karama
Eros Mirdiff City Center 04-2845629 Mirdif City Centre
Eros Moe 04-3413141 Mall Of Emirates
Eros-Al Khaibeesi Road Deira 055-4108298 Deira
Etisalat - Al Qusais Bldg. 04-2580453 Al Qusais
Etisalat - Bin Sougat Center 04-2858528 Bin Sougat Centre
Etisalat - Difc 04-3700341 Difc
Etisalat - Dubai Festival City 04-2329596 Dubai Festival City
Etisalat Arabian Center 04-2843011 Arabian Centre
Etisalat Business Center-Baraha 04-2713131 Al Baraha Street
Etisalat Business Center-Deira 050-3727327 Deira
Etisalat Business Center-Khaleej 04-3033104 Al Khaleej Centre
Etisalat Business Center-Towar 04-2614444 Al Tawar Centre
Etisalat Business Center-Wasel 04-3432000 Al Wasel Road
Etisalat Dubai Mall 04-3399170 Dubai Mall
Etisalat Jabeel Ali Businesscenter 04-8050642 Jabeel Ali
Etisalat Mirdiff City Center 04 2843196 Mirdif City Centre
Geant Hypermarket 04-3685832 Ibn Batuta Mall
Jackys Airport Road 04-2238700 Air Port Road
Jackys Deira City Centre 04-2949480 Deira City Centre
Jackys Dubai Mall 04-3398656 Dubai Mall
Jackys Mall Of Emirates 04-3414858 Mall Of Emirates
Jackys Mirdif City Centre 04-2845192 Mirdif City Centre
Jackys Nasar Square 04-2821822 Nasr Square Road
Jumbo Bur Dubai 04-3523555 Bur Dubai
Jumbo Deira City Centre 04-2953915 Deira City Centre
Jumbo Dip 04-8849074 Dubai Investment Park
Jumbo Dubai Mall 04-3398503 Dubai Mall
Jumbo Ibn Batuta 04-3685310 Ibn Batuta Mall
Jumbo Mirdif City Center 04-2843470 Mirdif City Centre
Jumbo Moe 04-3410101 Mall Of Emirates
Jumbo, Dubai Festival City 04-2329367 Dubai Festival City
Lulu Arabian Center 050-4556162 Arabian Centre
Lulu Center Karama 04-3351513 Lulu Centre, Karama
Lulu Center Muhaisna 04-2641486 Lulu Village Muhaisanah
Lulu Center, Deira Opp Sheraton 04-2977483 Deira, Opp Sherton Hotel
Lulu Hypermarket Gusais 04-2987338 Guesseis
Lulu Hypermarket Karama 04-3346333 Karama ,Opp Jabeel Park
Lulu Hypermarket, Al Barsha 04-3418888 Al Barsha
Lulu Warehouse Dip-2 04-8856718 Dubai Investment Park-2
Phone Care Szr 04-3210600 Shk. Zayed Road
Plugins Al Ghurair 04-2283657 Al Gurair Centre
Plugins Dubai Festival City 04-2066777 Dubai Festival City
Plugins Dubai Mall 04-4340800 Dubai Mall
Sharaf Dg Ibn Batuta 04-3685115 Ibn Batuta Mall
Sharaf Dg 4u Muhaishna 04-2840113 Al Muhaisnah, Etihad Mall
Sharaf Dg 4u, Arabian Center 04-2845886 Arabian Centre
Sharaf Dg Al Mankool Road 04-00344357 Al Mankhool Road
Sharaf Dg Al Wasel 04-3251920 Al Wasel Road
Sharaf Dg Deira City Centre 04-2949483 Deira City Centre
Sharaf Dg Dubai Mall 04-3398656 Dubai Mall
Sharaf Dg Mirdiff City Center 055-5881920 Mirdif City Centre
Sharaf Dg Times Square Centre 04-3418043 Times Square
Sharaf Dg4u Ibn Batuta Mall 04-3685115 Ibn Batuta Mall
Sharaf Digital Burdubai 04-3534978 Bur Dubai
Sharaf Digital Deira N/S 04-2270698 Nasr Square Road
Starphones Al Quoz 04-3475343 Al Qouze
Carrefour 09-2054777 Century Mall
Carrefour 09-2054777 City Centre
ECU-Emax City Center 050-3708904 City Centre
Emax City Center 050-3708904 City Centre
Etisalat Business Center 09-2022362 Gurfa Street
Etisalat Business Center< 09-2022362 Gurfa Street
Lulu Hypermarket 09-2220658 Near Fujairah Trade Centre
Etisalat Service Center 04-8523456 Hatta Main Street
Ras Al Khaimah
Carrefour 07-2285555 Mannar Mall
Carrefour 050-2030117 Safeer Mall
Better Life 07-2274858 Al Nakheel Road
Eros 07-2286636 Al Raha Mall
Etisalat 07-2283668 Mannar Mall
Etisalat Business Center 07-2029490 Al Nakheel Road
Lulu Hypermarket 07-2274888 Al Nakheel Road
Carrefour 06-5339392 City Centre Sharjah
Al Yousuf 06-5639390 Al Qasimiya Road
Aptec 06-5737327 Sahara Centre
E4U 06-5336863 City Centre
E-City 06-5390053 City Centre
Ecu-Emax 055-8833143 King Faisal Road
Emax 06-5591161 King Faisal Road
Eros 06-5333133 City Centre
Eros 06-5750085 Mega Mall
Eros 06-5686067 Sahara Centre
Etisalat 06-5778977 Sahara Centre
Etisalat Business Center 065-043130 Al Manakh
Jacky's 050-6254060 City Centre Sharjah
KM Trading 06-5631115 Rolla Round About, Sharjah
Lulu Hypermarket 06-5651133 Al Nahada Road
Lulu Hypermarket 050-5511250 Al Wahada Street
Lulu Hypermarket 06-5646922 Rolla Round About
Sharaf DG 06-5931333 afeer Mall
Switch Electronics 06-5322867 City Centre
Etisalat Business Center 050-7720002 Umm Al Qouwain main road
Lulu Hypermarket 06-7666331 Umm Al Qouwain main road
Abu Dhabi
21st Century Mall 02-6818281 Marina Mall
Techorbit 02-6312322 Madinat Zayed Shopping Center
Al Shamshi Mobile Phones 06-7453334 Karama
Moon Way Trading 06-7464889 Safeer Mall
Phone Station 03-7515588 Al Ain Mall
Hotline Telecom 04-2968689 Century Mall
Kansas Digital Trading 04-2843655 Mirdif City Centre
Phone Museum 04-3557775 Al Khaleej Centre
Reliable Electronics 04-3219700 Al Mazzaya Centre
Souvenir Phones 04-2731910 Al Baraha Street
Phone Center 09-2221511 Trade center building, ground floor, Fujairah
Ras Al Khaimah
Hotline Telecom 06-5312126 Sahara Centre

How it works

If your device is still under warranty:

  1. Present the original purchase invoice/receipt and submit your device for service in the same retail shop you purchased it OR use one of our independent collection points – Select the location of your choice from the Drop-off Point Store Locator.
  2. The shop where you leave your device will send your device to our Technocare service Center. We will be in direct contact with you through SMS & e-mails to update you on repair status, replacements and repair estimations for any out of warranty repairs.
  3. Once your device is repaired, Technocare will contact you to pick-up your device from where your dropped it off.

Out of warranty Drop-off points:

If your device is out of warranty, please drop-off your device at one of our independant collection outlets or a Technocare store. Retail partners will not accept out of warranty claims.

Additional Information:

The retail shops and independent collection points are involved only in the collection/delivery activity. Technocare will complete all device repairs in their faciliities.

Warranty card is mandatory when submitting any in-warranty device.

Repair Status Notifications:

When you are submitting the device in any retail shop or collection point, SMS the CRN number to +971503696889 for service registration and automatic device status notification alerts.